Shaykh Abdul Muhsin Al Abbad destroys the manhaj of the ghulaat

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December 27, 2014 by salafidawahuk

Imam Muhammad Ibn Idrees Ash Sha’fiee’ (Rahimahullah) said:

“The people of knowledge have unanimously agreed upon the fact that it is not permissible for a man, once the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah has been made clear to him, to abandon it for the statement of anyone, regardless of who he is.” (Siyar A’lam An Nubalaa’)

Shaykh Abdul Muhsin Al Abbad (Hafithahullah) mentioned in his commentary of this particular statement:  “Nonetheless the scholars are to be respected and revered and always mentioned in a good light and supplicated for. Mercy and forgiveness should be sought for them, however, this should be done without any Ghuloo’ (i.e. exceeding the limits regarding their status by raising them above what Allah has given them) nor any Jafaa’ (i.e. belittling or demeaning them). For the truth is a middle course between Ifraat (i.e. excessiveness) and Tafreet (i.e. complete negligence). There is no fanaticism towards the scholars by an individual showing partiality (i.e. Ta’asub) to them, and likewise, there is no blatant disrespect of them by an individual belittling them while failing to recognize their status or by discrediting them or speaking about them in a manner that is inappropriate, for this is intolerable and unacceptable.

Traversing the middle course and fairness is what is required in all matters. Hence there should be no excessiveness nor any negligence, no fanaticism and no disrespect. So no one should go to the extreme with any of the scholars by saying things like: “This is the scholar whose statement should not be abandoned!” or “This scholar’s statement should be trusted in and relied upon absolutely!” or “Nothing concerning the Messenger of Allah is hidden from this particular scholar!” or “If there was a hadeeth in this matter, the Imam/Sheikh would have known about it!” or other similar statements, for indeed these statements connote fanaticism and excessiveness. And on the other hand, statements of disrespect that emanates from an individual who lacks reverence for the scholars and may even speak about them in a manner that is inappropriate. Therefore, what is obligatory is to respect them and to take their instructions and advice, which is dependent and reliant upon sound evidence, if it comes from the Messenger of Allah.” {found in his explanation of Sunan Abu Dawud Vol. 1 Pg. 253}

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