Golden Advice


Shaykh Muhammad Naasir-Ud-Deen Al-Albaanee Said:

“Listen my brother. I sincerely advise you and other youths like you, who stand upon a type of deviation – as it seems to us, and Allaah knows best – that do not waste your time in refuting each other, saying that such and such has this in him, and such and such has that in him. This is because; firstly: there is no knowledge at all in this, and secondly: this mannerism only breeds enmity and hatred in the hearts, and causes contempt and rancour to develop in the hearts. So it is upon you to seek knowledge.

It is knowledge that will make clear to you the reality of the speech which is in praise of a particular person having many mistakes, and whether he is deserving of being labelled as an innovator. Yet why do we wish to delve into such issues. Indeed I advise you not to delve into such issues. The reality is that we complain about this splitting which has occurred between those who ascribe themselves to the da’wah to the Book and the Sunnah – or as we say, ad-Da’watus-Salafiyyah the greatest cause of this splitting, and Allaah knows bests, is the following of whims and desires and the evil dictates of one’s soul. It is not due to the presence of differences in thoughts and ideas. So this is my sincere advice.” [Silsilatul Huda wan-Nur (784/1), dated the 1st of Rabi’ al Awwal 1414H (9-12-1993)]

Shaykh Abdul Mohsin Al Abbad said:

“The conflict and hostility that is emanating from some of the People of the Sunnah right now is very regrettable. It is the direct result of some of them being preoccupied with talking about, warning against and ostracizing others while it is obligatory for all of them to channel those energies not at each other, but towards the disbelievers and the people of innovation who are hostile towards the People of the Sunnah. While being mutually affectionate and compassionate with each other and reminding one another with kindness and gentleness.”   (Rifqan Ahl Sunnah bi ahl sunnah)

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