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January 8, 2016 by salafidawahuk


All praise is for Allaah; peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allaah. Thereafter It has reached me that some brothers warn against Shaykh AbdulRazzaq al-Abbaad – may Allaah keep him safe. I was asked about that so I say:

Shaykh AbdulRazzaq al-Abbaad – I do not praise him above what Allaah [has permitted], and he is not in need of my praise but I consider it appropriate to mention what I know.

I travelled with Shaykh AbdulRazzaq al-Abbaad in a journey of knowledge, and I felt his knowledge and love for Sunnah and its people. I do not know from him except that he is in agreement with Ahlus Sunnah and holding on to the methodology of the Salaf.

In this journey, I asked him – may Allaah give him Tawfeeq – regarding his cooperation with Jam’iyyah Ihyaa at-Turaath, and regarding the doubts and problems with the Salafi youth that are being spread.

So he said to me, its meaning is:

“They (Ihyaa Turaath) request me to give lectures and they accept my conditions. So I speak about what I choose and they don’t compel me with anything.

Knowledge is broadcasted and spread with every person who wants it.

Nothing has occurred from them with me that necessitates me to distance myself from them.

In fact, it is hoped that through me delivering these lectures the Sunnah will be spread and the truth will be made clear.”

[Shaykh Baazmool:] Or he said words to this effect – may Allaah keep him safe.

The man (ie Shaykh AbdulRazzaq) is a man of Sunnah, a man of piety and goodness; and a person of knowledge.

If only those brothers who warn against him were to refer back to him and ask him about his view point with manners, then there would be goodness in this inshaAllaah.

May the peace and blessings of Allaah be upon Muhammad, his family and companions.

Written by:

Muhammad Ibn Umar Ibn Saalim Baazmool

Makkah Mukarramah

Reference: The official facebook of the Shaykh


الحمد لله
والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله
أما بعد :
فقد بلغني أن بعض الإخوة يحذرون من الشيخ عبدالرزاق البدر سلمه الله، وسئلت عن ذلك فأقول:
– الشيخ عبدالرزاق البدر لا اأكيه على الله، ولا يحتاج هو إلى تزكيتي ، ولكني رأيت أن أذكر ما أعلمه.
– سافرت مع الشيخ عبدالرزاق في رحلة علمية وقد لمست علمه وحبه للسنة والخير، ولم أعلم عنه إلا موافقة أهل السنة ولزوم منهج السلف.

– وقد سألته في هذه السفرة وفقه الله عن تعاونه مع جمعية إحياء التراث وما يثيره من شبه وإشكالات عند الشباب السلفي فقال لي ما معناه:
الجماعة يطلبون مني محاضرات ويستجيبون لشروطي فأتكلم فيما أختاره ولا يتحكمون بي في شيء . والعلم يبث وينشر عند كل من يريده. ولم يحصل منهم شيء معي يستوجب البعد عنهم. بل إلقائي لهذه الدروس عساه ينفع في نشر السنة وبيان الحق .. أو كلاما هذا معناه سلمه الله.

– والرجل صاحب سنة وصاحب دين وخير وصاحب علم أسأل الله له التوفيق.

ولو أن الاخوة الذين يحذرون منه يرجعون إليه ويسألونه بأدب عن وجهة نظره لكان هذا خيرا إن شاء الله.
وصل اللهم على محمد وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم.
محمد بن عمر بن سالم بازمول
مكة المكرمة في 18/ 6 / 1436 هجرية

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