Luton CTI conference sponsored by Turath?

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January 8, 2016 by salafidawahuk

Spubs will not stop at anything to support people benefitting from the salafi scholars. Having failed to prevent many sincere brothers and sisters from attending the Luton conference, they are now clutching at straws, and in reality making themselves look very silly.

Here’s their latest antic.  “So you didn’t listen to Shaikh Rabee and you went. Luton cti conference was sponsered by Ihyaa Turaath” (taken from their twitter account)

 Some points need to be made about the above.

1.Shaykh Muhammad Umar Bazmool  defended  Shaykh AbdulRazzaq al-Abbaad  lecturing at Ihya Turaath  and he quoted Shaykh AbdulRazzaq al-Abbaad as saying:  “They (Ihyaa Turaath) request me to give lectures and they accept my conditions. So I speak about what I choose and they don’t compel me with anything. Knowledge is broadcasted and spread with every person who wants it. Nothing has occurred from them with me that necessitates me to distance myself from them. In fact, it is hoped that through me delivering these lectures the Sunnah will be spread and the truth will be made clear.”

So will Spubs now attack Shaykh Muhammad Umar Bazmool  and  Shaykh AbdulRazzaq al-Abbaad  as being supporters of Turaath?


  1. Shaikh Sadlan and Shaikh Shithri also worked with Turaath money. Will spubs now say that they are Turaath funded?


  1. Shaykh Faisal al Jaasim left Turaath several years ago. He was at the conference distributing free books refuting the mistakes of Ihyaa Turaath. So can we now say that Turaath sponsored the conference in order to distribute books to refute themselves? Here is a pdf link to the book that was distributed free at the Luton conference.


  1. Committee members from spubs have sourced government funding to support youth work. In particular Bilal Davies received £10,000 to work with youth vulnerable to radicalisation. See We don’t have a problem with that, but we have a problem with the double standards. Would it be fair to say: “Bilal Davies funded by non-Muslim government in its war against terror” ?


  1. BEST did indeed part finance the conference. But have you ever heard or read anything in which Luton defend the mistakes of Turaath? Where is the support for innovation or hizbiyah from Luton? It is pure intellectual dishonesty to equate taking financial assistance from them with defending their mistakes and supporting them. Spubs committee members need to be consistent in their stance and should stop taking housing benefit and tax credits from the government.


  1. Sheikh Mohsin al Abbaad does not hold Turaath to be people of innovation neither does Sheikh Saalih Fowzan . That’s just two names but there are more. So when there is difference of opinion amongst the scholars on an organisation or individual – one cannot and should not force their opinion on others. Nor can one declare someone to be a deviant based upon this ijtihaadi opinion. Otherwise what do they say about the two aforementioned sheikhs.


  1. The reality is that certain individuals at SPUBS have a pathological hatred of the Luton brothers. Even if Shaikh Rabee was to have attended the Luton conference in person, they would have warned against it. See here Shaikh Rabee’s letter to Abū Khadija, was blatantly ignored by the latter.


8. Did Shaikh Rabee really warn against this conference? Where is the evidence?







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