A List of Salafi Scholars Who SP Birmingham Have Dropped Over the Last 18 Years


April 19, 2015 by salafidawahuk

Over the last 17-18 years there has been long line of Salafi Ulama and Tullaab ul-’Ilm who SP Birmingham and their blind followers have disrespected over the years, at a rate of almost one Salafi Shaykh per year dropped:

1. Abu’l-Hasan Mustafaa bin Ismaa’eel as-Sulaymaanee al-Misree al-Ma’ribee – who they dropped in 2000/2001. SP, in what was a swift move of damage limitation quickly sought to distance themselves from him and place his Western influence firmly at the feet of the brothers of Luton and Brixton. With the newly found means of internet forums SP, via the means of the forum ‘Salafi Talk’, in 2003 led many gullible brothers to believe that the other established Salafi communities at the time apart from theirs had anything to do with him. Yet an important detail was missing: Abu’l-Hasan al-Ma’ribee was invited to the UK in 1999 by none other than SP. They were the ones who co-ordinated his visit in the hope that he would judge in their favour against the Luton and Brixton Salafis. Abu Khadija stated publicly in Brixton masjid:  “Oh Shaikh, we will accept your judgement whether its for us or against us” When it did not go their way, SP went livid. (Shaikh Abu’l-Hasan Ma’ribee’s hukm against the ghulaat was also signed by Shaikh Rabee). Before the ink had dried, they were busy undermining the Shaikh.

Unfortunately Abu’l-Hasan al-Ma’ribee has now started to praise the Ikhwaan and say that Salafis in Egypt should even think about working alongside them politically, and that Qaradaawee is from Ahl us-Sunnah. But the point being, at the time spubs were refuting him it was based upon taqleed of Shaykh Rabee (and others). They then imposed their taqleed upon other salafis in an inquisition in which “either you say Abul Hasan is a hizby, or you’re a hizby”.

2. Shaykh Saleem al-Hilaalee, who they dropped in 2001 before the Abu’l-Hasan Affair.

3. Shaykh Ali Hasan al-Halabee, who they dropped in 2001 before the Abu’l-Hasan Affair. In 1998, Abu Sufyaan McDowell tried to fight Shaykh Ali Hasan in Brixton Mosque.

4. Shaykh Yahyaa al-Hajooree – many assume that they dropped him more recently in 2011, but actually they dropped him as early as 2001. At this time the likes of Bilal Husayn al-Kashmeeree, from SP Birmingham, was saying that “Dammaaj has changed” and “Dammaj is wrecked now” while Shaykh Yahyaa was still there. This was after Shaykh Yahyaa kicked out a group of SP after the death of Imaam Muqbil. In 2011 Abu Sufyan McDowell recently saying at a talk at the so-called “Daar us-Sunnah” little garage in the Shepherds Bush market in London that: “I knew Yahyaa Hajooree before he was a Shaykh, and we just used to know him as Yahyaa”. The blind following teenie boppers and weak yes-boys from Daar us-Sunnah did not say anything to Abu Sufyan due to their utter fear of Abu Sufyan McDowell. The weak “Daar us-Sunnah” Shepherds Bush boys of London have since stated that they will never ever invite Abu Sufyan McDowell any more to their little garage in the Shepherds Bush market in London. Their centre has also not passed adequate health and safety standards as the local council has not allowed for a ‘Mosque’ to be located in that market vicinity.

5. Shaykh Zubayr Ali Zaee, who they dropped in 2004 after Shaykh Zubayr was informed of the narrations from the Alum Rock brothers from Birmingham.

6. Shaykh Abu Anas Hamad al-Uthman, who they dropped and blanked in 2004 at SP Masjid Salafi.

7. Shaykh Saalim at-Taweel, who they dropped in 2006 for his straight up talk to Abu Khadeejah and telling him to his face that he is jaahil and should not speak, and after he did a talk at Green Lane Masjid on Saturday 5th August 2006 called ‘Advice to the Salafis of Birmingham’.

8. Shaykh AbdulHakeem al-Ajlaan, from Riyadh and close friend of Dr Muhammad bin Haadee and Ramzaan, who went to meet them in 2011 with some brothers from Brixton and was also disrespected and made to wait outside and talk in the cold with no ikraam to the guest.

9. Shaykh Wasiullaah ’Abbaas (the Muhaddith and teacher at Masjid al-Haram Makkah), who they dropped in 2006 after his famous recorded meeting with them. In the recording, which shows Abu Khadeejah’s very poor command of the Arabic language and displays basic Arabic grammar mistakes such as “yaa Shaykh, ithnayn daqaa’iq”, Shaykh Wasiullaah was not convinced by their arguments.

10. Shaikh Abdul-Maalik Ramadaanee Jazaa’iree – they dropped him in 2002 when he answered a question about Abu’l-Hasan in a way which stunned them. Shaykh Abdul-Maalik was invited to SP Birmingham Conference along with the infamous Fawzee al-Bahrainee.

11. Shaykh Abdus-Salaam Burjis (rh) – SP dropped him after the Abu’l-Hasan Inquisition in 2002 as he did not agree in the way it was handled or on the tabdee’ of Abu’l-Hasan. SP followed orders of Faalih al-Harbee about Shaykh Abdus-Salaam.

12. Shaykh Ibraaheem ar-Ruhaylee – dropped in 2002/2003 during the Abu’l-Hasan Inquisition. He has been shunned by SP more recently due to their blind following of Dr Muhammad bin Haadee and his campaign and slander against Shaykh Ibraaheem.

13. Akh Faalih al-Harbee, who they dropped in 2004 after three years of upholding his Haddaadiyyah without even realising it! Faalih al-Harbee was the one who introduced “ghuloo” (extremism) in Salafiyyah using false principles such as: “if you are not with me then you are against me”, along with giving a fatwa for Muslims in America to join the US army to fight against the Taliban, and he was the one who said Shaykh Ehsaan Elahi Zaheer (rahimahullaah): “was not known for Salafiyyah rather he was known for Siyaasiyah”.

SP from 2001-2004 championed ghuloo and Haddadiyyah from Faalih al-Harbee, they only left it when Shaykh Rabee’ spoke even though the Muhaddith and Allaamah AbdulMuhsin al-Abbaad had refuted Faalih way before that in 2002/2003, describing him as “from the small, small students of knowledge”. Shaykh AbdusSalaam Burjis (rahimahullaah) had also refuted Faalih from 2002-2003, even up to just before his death. SP rejected all of this and only changed when Shaykh Rabee’ finally dumped Faalih which he had to do because of the heat surrounding Faalih by late 2004.

Now Faalih has made it his main aim to refute Shaykh Rabee’, and almost nothing else, being aided in all this by Fawzee al-Bahrainee…..

14. Fawzee al-Bahrainee – dropped by SP in 2004. Fawzee al-Bahrainee in 2002 at the SP Birmingham Conference (Conference called ‘I have Left You Upon Clear Proof’), could not answer basic questions on aqeedah, SP pumped him up as being a “10 year student of Shaikh ibn Uthaimeen”.Fawzee again was only made famous in the West by SP who used to bring him over with his wife, peddling the claim that he was “a top student of Imaam Uthaymeen”.

Akh Fawzee was rightly refuted at the time strongly by Shaykh Usaamah Qoosee (now turned ‘Salafi Intellectual Liberal’), and Fawzee was the one who said at the Birmingham SP Conference in 2002 (Conference called ‘I have Left You Upon Clear Proof’) that there was an ijma’ on the tabdee’ of Abu’l-Hasan.

15. Shaykh Khaalid ar-Radaadee, who they dropped from April 2005 after madinacom published Shaykh Radaadee’s observations on the ghuloo (extremism) of SP and Dawood Adeeb. Dawood Adeeb was the one who famously stated in his audio series of lectures in 2000 on “Lessons in Elementary Qutbism”: “The Ulama judge your Salafiyyah by SP. If you agree with them, walk and talk like them then you are Salafi” (or as he said roughly). Shaykh Khaalid ar-Radaadee was an SP Shaykh up until that time and then they relegated him to the rank of “Khaalid” when he refuted them.

16. Shaykh Sa’d bin Naasir ash-Shithree – they disrespected him and threatened to “report” him when he grabbed the mic at their Masjid on Monday 26 December 2011.

17. Shaykh Falaah Ismaa’eel Mandikaar – dropped by SP in 2014 due to Shaykh Falaah not agreeing with the views of the young Dr Ahmad Baazmool about Shaykh Saalim at-Taweel. SP Birmingham in blind following Baazmool and his extremities unsurprisingly dumped Shaylh Falaah on the scrapheap and now say “his true colours have become clear”.

This is perhaps the most shocking to the SP propaganda machine. Touted since 2005 as being a “major Kuwait scholar” by SP, Shaykh Falaah also fell into excessive praise and defence of SP, when he had not known them for that long. The Shaykh has now retracted alhamdulillaah.

18. Dr Ahmad Baazmool – recently harshly and strongly refuted by one of SP’s four main Shaykhs, Ubayd al-Jaabiree. Ubayd al-Jaabiree said Baazmool “is a man of fitnah” who “cannot be trusted” and that “he was not known” and “do not be deluded by the one who praises them” as “the one who praises them does not know his condition”. Audio here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zF3N2t6gv9k

In another valiant display of damage limitation, SP produced a dazzling array of advice from mainly unknown tullaab ul-ilm who encouraged “do not get involved in the fitnah” – after getting involved in all fitnahs over the last 15 years despite the advice of senior scholars such as the Muhaddith of Madeenah Abdul-Muhsin al-Abbaad, al-Allaamah Saalih al-Fawzaan and the Mufti Abdul-Azeez Aali Shaykh!

19. Shaykh Saalih as-Suhaymee – dropped by SP of late for not agreeing with Dr Muhammad bin Haadee and Shaykh Ubayd. Shaykh Suhaymee also recently criticised Aboo Khadeejah which signals the end of him as far as SP are concerned.

So we have 19 Salafi Shaykhs who SP Birmingham have dropped over the last 18 years. There are a few more who could also be added to this list.

This begs the question: who are the scholars of SP? Why do they pretend to be with the scholars when they only take from 4 mainly: Shaykh Rabee, Shaykh Ubayd, Dr Muhammad bin Haadee and Dr Abdullaah al-Bukhaaree?

SP were trying to mould Shaykh Ubayd as a “senior scholar” who they are linked to, can use to threaten others and for everyone to fall behind – but all chances of that have been dashed over the last six years with the Dammaaj issue and Shaykh al-Hajooree’s refutations on him.

SP – beware of distancing yourselves from the scholars lest destruction befall you.

Reflect, and be reminded for verily the reminder benefits the believers

taken from http://www.siratemustaqeem.com/ with slight amendments

2 thoughts on “A List of Salafi Scholars Who SP Birmingham Have Dropped Over the Last 18 Years

  1. Faisal Ahmed says:

    As-Salaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Baarakaatuh.

    Is the famous recorded meeting which shows Abu Khadeejah’s very poor command of the Arabic language & Arabic grammar still available online. If possible can you please share the link.

    Jazaakallahu Khayr.


  2. fahlito says:

    The scholars that they’ve dropped is way more than the ones that they learned from!


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