Six month prison sentence for Muhammad b Hadi

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April 16, 2015 by salafidawahuk

Reported from Muhammad Aboo Nusayab to Ahmad Saalim

A number of Shaykhs tried to request Shaykh Ibraaheem ar-Ruhaylee to forgive and pardon, and they reminded him of the exalted status of that and Shaykh Ibraaheem said to them that prior to their intervention he had already pardoned the accused (i.e. Dr Muhammad bin Haadee).

Those Shaykhs then contacted Dr Muhammad bin Haadee to give him glad tidings of the Shaykh Ibraaheem’s pardon but Dr Muhammad bin Haadee became stubborn and haughty! Saying that he was right and that he rejects this pardoning from Shaykh Ibraaheem ar-Ruhaylee. The Shaykhs who tried to resolve and intervene in the matter had no other option except to request Shaykh Ibraaheem to continue in his slander case against Dr Muhammad bin Haadee.

The hearing wherein the ruling was issued took place three days ago and due to its high estimation of the case it cancelled hearing other matters for adjudication from all other cases, so the judge just had that one case to deal with. The judge sat with Shaykh Ibraaheem and listened to what he had to say, the judge also listened to the accused [i.e. Dr Muhammad bin Haadee].

From the morning until dhuhr the judge listened to the proofs of Shaykh Ibraaheem and the accused [i.e. Dr Muhammad bin Haadee]. When the accused [i.e. Dr Muhammad bin Haadee] felt that that judge was soon to deliver the ruling on the case, he [i.e. Dr Muhammad bin Haadee] requested the ruling to be delayed, to which the judge rejected.

Then the judge issued the ruling: The accused [i.e. Dr Muhammad bin Haadee] sentenced to six months in prison and a SR 20,000 fine. A written agreement that he will not dishonour Shaykh Ibraaheem or anyone else from Ahl us-Sunnah with either good, evil, praise or censure.v AbdusSamad al-Hollaandee, a student of the accused [Dr Muhammad bin Haadee] was sentenced to thee months in prison and a SR2000 fine.v 6 months in Saudi law is considered a serious sentence and regarded as a conviction. There is no room to slander the judge, as the judge was Salafi. The ruling is a general right of Shaykh Ibraaheem ar-Ruhaylee and he can ask for its implementation.v The Shaykh also has the right to ask for the ruling to not be implemented and investigated along with his personal right.v The aim is not to publish but rather convict the accused [Dr Muhammad bin Haadee], and this has happened.

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