Shaykh Waseeullaah advises Abu Khadeejah

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December 27, 2014 by salafidawahuk

Reference: “The Solution to the Fitnah” lecture delivered in Birmingham, UK – Summer 2007;

In our city (Birmingham, UK) there is a person by the name of Waheed Alam, Abu Khadeejah. This individual is not a student of knowledge nor is he known to have studied with any of the scholars, yet he puts himself forward to teach and give fatwa. And what has come from him is that he is extremely hasty in making Tabd`ee of people and warns against people from Ahlus-Sunnah. His Fitnah has led to the splitting of Ahlus-Sunnah and has made people turn away from the Deen and the Da`wah. So what is your advice to us O Shaykh, regarding this individual and his like?

The answer to this is that firstly, what this individual is upon, with regards to Jamiat Ahle Hadith in the UK and generally those in India and Pakistan, from that which I have heard from him and from his companions . Is that he has made his goal to disparage the Jamiat and other Salafees. He claims that he is upon the correct Salafiyyah and that others are not true Salafees. He then warns people from attending these types of sittings and from praying in their Masjid. In reality I have thought much about the affair of this individual.

And as you have said, he is not a student of knowledge nor is he known to have studied. However he puts himself forward to give Fatwa (legal verdicts). So I say, if he comes forward to give Fatwa from himself, then he is indeed misguided and is misguiding others. If however, he simply narrates specific Fatwa of the Ulama and he understands the Fatwa. As I fear, that due to his Jahl (ignorance), due to his Jahl, he would not understand the Fatwa and will end up narrating it incorrectly. However, if he narrates a Fatwa correctly (from the well known scholars), then this is something that is correct and is accepted. As for giving Fatwa from himself or from his own Ijtihaad, then this is a severe mistake from him and could be a reason for his misguidance. And by this, he will carry his own sin and the sin of those who follow him.

Secondly, my naseehah (advice) to you regarding him. Then first and foremost, I would like to advise him. So I say to him; O brother! You are not, except one of these two types of people. That you are either sincere in your Dawah and in your actions. And if you are, then go forward and refute the known sects of misguidance, desires and Bid`ah and they are many in this country and throughout the world. By using the internet and other means of communication. This will be something good for you.

However, I warn you from lying and making things up. Likewise beware of warning people against Jamiat Ahle Hadith and other Salafees from around the world, who are calling to the Book of Allah and to the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah. If you are indeed sincere, then my advice to you is to leave this and do not make your goal The Jamiat.

If however, you are not sincere (for the Face of Allah) and you just want to put yourself forward. Then I leave your affair to you and the day is going to come when Allah will debase and humiliate you. So I ask Allah, that if the man is sincere, then He returns him to the truth. And if he is not sincere, then may Allah protect and safeguard the Ummah from him. And I hope this speech of mine reaches him. This is my naseehah to him.

Then my naseehah to you youth is that; one of you should try to sit with him and try to gain some mutual understanding. I am also prepared (if I have a chance after Maghrib prayer) to sit with him and his companions. In order to ascertain exactly what are the reasons behind him making all of his activities and efforts against his brothers from Jamiat Ahle Hadith. Those who are also spreading the correct Aqeedah. Rather he (abu khadeejah) himself did not take the correct Aqeedah, except from them. As he was once with them and from them.

So does he just want to put himself forward or does he want to bring down his brothers. Allah only knows his true intentions. But my Du`a is that; may Allah guide him. And if not, then may Allah allow the Muslims to be safe and secure (in every way) from this individual. That is all I have to say. As his harm has indeed increased.

It has also been mentioned to me by certain brothers, that he (abu khadeejah) has said that he has informed the British authorities that Green Lane Masjid and the Jamiat are radicals and harbour terrorists. Meaning that he himself has informed the authorities of this. It is known that the Jamiat has indeed tasted a severe trial and harm regarding this issue (of being extreme and radical). If in reality he has done this and it is true, then he has indeed oppressed himself and has oppressed his Muslim brothers. Those who-alhamdulillah-are upon a correct way in calling to the Deen of Allah. Wallahul-Must`aan (And Allah`s aid is sought).

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