Shaykh Al Albaani: On the grounds for someone to be innovator

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September 15, 2017 by salafidawahuk

Shaykh Al Albaani Rahimahullah said.

The Mubtadi’ is the one whose habit is innovating in the Religion, and he is not the one who innovates one Bid’ah (innovation) even if [his act of innovating in the Religion] was truly not out of Ijtihad (scholarly research and reasoning) but out of desire, and yet, along with that, this person is not called a Mubtadi’. And the clearest example to bring closer this [issue] is that the oppressive ruler might be just/fair in some of his rulings, so it is not said about him that he is just/fair, just as the just/fair ruler might oppress in some of his rulings, so it is not said about him [here] that he is an oppressor.

And this confirms the Islamic Fiqhi Qa’idah/principle that the person is [viewed in accordance with] what is predominant in him of good or evil. If we know this fact, we know who is really the Mubtadi’; therefore, there are two requirements for considering someone a Mubtadi’; the first: That he not be a Mujtahid (i.e. that he did not perform an act of Bid’ah out of Ijtihad), rather he was following his desires; and the second: That this be of his habit and what he usually does.
Ref: Silsilah Al-Huda Wal-Nur, no. 785
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