**Why the Salafi conference in Luton should be abandoned**

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December 31, 2015 by salafidawahuk

Received this anonomous post via whatsapp. The brother makes some crucial points,and hence I’ve posted it. 


I believe these are some of the arguments (as they have always been) that are presented as to why Salafis should not attend the Luton conference:


1) They say: Ok these are Salafi Scholars but they don’t know about ‘these affairs’. So we take from those that know over those that don’t.


I say: If Sh Falah Ismaeel, who was the primary scholar you allowed your followers to take knowledge from in person, for years and years, if he doesn’t know you & your arguments against us then who does???


2) They say: Not all the invited scholars are Salafi.


I say: Truthfully, you know you would not attend even if it was only Sh Salih As Suahymi and Sh Falah Ismaeel attending the conference.


3) They say: We don’t attend the Mosques/organisations of the likes of Hizbiyoon such as Luton. Because they have/will (in future) also invite others who have deviated. Or that the administration attach themselves to people who have deviated. So we don’t attend EVEN IF they invite a scholar of the sunnah.


3) I say: If that is the case, than at the VERY LEAST accept that there is a difference of opinion amongst the scholars on this issue. If you truly believe this is the correct opinion, the correct ijtihaad and the other scholars are wrong on this issue then wallahi be truthful to yourself. Be truthful and and apply the SAME rules and principles with other Masaajid.


Apply the same rules when you come to Saudi Arabia, you come to Makkah and Madeenah. Then I assume you will also not attend the lessons of the senior scholars of Makkah in the Haram (such as Sh Yahya Al Hindi, Sh Ali Adam Al-Ethiopi, Sh WaseeUllah Abbas and then when the likes of Sh Salih Al-Luhaydaan and Sh Salih Fawazaan visit and teach there), because the Haram also hosts other lessons by people you don’t recommend.


I assume you will be truthful to yourself, since you believe this is the correct opinion, and so you will not attend the lessons of the Muhaddith of Madeenah Sh Abdul Muhsin Al Abaad in Masjid Nabawi because Masjid Nabawai also hosts the lessons of Sh Ibrahim Al-Ruhayli (which hundreds of students attend) and also hosts the lessons of others who you do not recommend.


Therefore as a result, you will apply the same rules and you will abandon the lessons of the kibaar such as Sh Abdul Muhsin, Sh Ali Nasir Al Faqeehi and Sh Salih Al Suhaymi in Masjid Nabawi and others such as Sh Sulaymaan Al Ruhayli, Sh Abdul Razaq Al abbad etc.


In addition, since the lecture hall of Madeenah university has hosted other deviants so will you now also encourage your followers to not attend when Sh Salih Al-Fawzaan himself also comes and lectures there??? Wallahi be truthful and apply the same principles there too.


Since Madeenah university will regularly ‘expose’ your followers to the likes of others you don’t recommend will you warn against Madeenah University too???


Because if you are going to avoid Sh Khalid Ar-Radadi, Sh Abdul Razzaq Al-Abaad, Sh Salih as Sindhi, Sh Ali Ghaazi at Tuwaijiri and the rest of the scholars of Madeenah university and the Haram in Madeenah, if they would attend the same place/masjid/University/organisation that Sh Ibrahim Ar Ruhayli also attends then wallahi be truthful and tell us do you also tell your followers to avoid Madeenah University now? Because once they join the university they will have the above teachers nurturing and teaching them anyway?!?!


Will you now say ‘but it is a different situation in Saudi to the UK or other lands’? Then know, as I heard Sh Falah Ismaeel say, the religion is one, in the East and the West, the religion is one.


I say to the the brothers, the truthful ones amongst you. I also was in the same situation as you. I also used to only attend lessons that was recommended by ‘the’ brothers or only if they were in ‘certain’ Masaajid. However I left these opinions and I left this restricted path when I realised that many many Salafi Scholars, In fact those from amongst the highest ranks are NOT like this. Sh Salih Al Fawzaan is not like this, Sh Salih Al Luhaydaan is not like this, Sh Abdul Muhsin Al Abaad is not like this, Sh Ali Nasir Al Faqeehi is not like this, Sh Salih Al Suhaymi is not like this, Sh WaseeUllah Abbas is not like this. In fact neither were Sh Ibn Baz, Sh Ibn Uthaymeen, they were not like this!


Sh Sulaymaan Al Ruhayli is not like this, Sh Abdul Razaq Al Abbad is not like this, Sh Khalid ar Radadi is not like this, Sh Salih As Sindhi is not like this, Sh Ali Ghazi at Tuwaijiri, Sh Sultan Al Eid is not like this and the list goes on and on.


By Allah, I say to the brothers, do not be afraid, you are not leaving Salafiyyah because you will disagree with the leaders of your organisation in the UK on these issues. Do not be afraid to differ with them or think that you are not allowed or able to differ with them. Because you are NOT a hizb, right?


Don’t think that if you differ with them that you will be on your own or that you will have no other students of knowledge to refer to. Come to Madeenah and you will know there ARE many other students of knowledge. There are other students of knowledge who do not restrict themselves to a few scholars and yet they sit in the lessons of the likes of Sh Abdul Muhsin, Sh Ali Nasir, Sh Salih as Suhaymi, Sh Abdul Razaq, Sh Sulayman Al Ruhayli and yes even Sh Ibrahim Al Ruhaili!


You are not always going to agree on EVERY SINGLE issue right? The Scholars do not agree with each other on EVERY issue and they sometimes have their own Ijtihaad. If the scholars are not always agreeing on these matters, how is it that you and the people around you are Always agreeing? My brother, please check, Is it because you have restricted yourself to only certain scholars in this major part of your religion ie Manhaj???


Wallahi deep down, check deep down in your heart, make sure you are NOT from this group who have restricted themselves to just a single group of scholars in matters of Manhaj. Without actually saying it openly or upon your lips but in reality you may have done exactly what Sh Sulaymaan refers to in the clip below, that they have fallen into the mistake of saying the likes of (giants in knowledge) Abdul Muhsin al Abbad, Salih Al Fawzaan, Salih as Suhaimi are not taken from in terms of affairs of Manhaj!


My personal humble advice to the brothers is: Learn Arabic and come to Madeenah or Riyadh and study with the scholars and you will realise what the scholars are really like, what the scholars are really saying.


That way you have not surrendered your religion to those (many of them in the west who say we are the ones who are connecting you to the scholars). Don’t leave it upon others to connect you to the scholars (or the particular scholars they want you to be connected to or the particular statements of the others scholars they want you to hear). Rather learn Arabic and connect yourself to the scholars by YOURSELF.


By Allah know that in the end you will go into your own grave. No brother/brothers are going to be there for us in the end. It will be just between you and Allah. It is upon us to be truthful to ourselves.


I ask Allah to show us the truth as the the truth and allow us to follow it and show us the batil as batil and allows us to avoid it.


May Allah bless you.


Signed: An ordinary brother.

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