Abu Khadija caught lying about Khula

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December 28, 2014 by salafidawahuk

This is a transcript of the meeting between Shaykh Wase-ullah and Salafi Publications in the summer of 2004:

This part of the dialogue has been translated word for word from the recorded meeting which lasted for over six hours in 2004 in Birmingham:

Shaykh Waseullah: That which is known about him is that he (Abu Khadeejah) sits with women for Fataawa. Is this correct?

Abu KhadeejahSP: This is not correct. This is a lie Yaa Shaykh.

Shaykh Waseullah: Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar!

Abu KhadeejahSP: This is a lie Yaa Shaykh. A big lie. That I give Fatwa Yaa Shaykh in rulings concerning women and marriage? NO NEVER! This is because Yaa Shaykh we always contact the scholars when there are differences.

Shaykh Waseullah: Does anyone ask you questions or not? Does Abu Khadeejah give Fatwa in people’s affairs? You say you do not give fatwa. Never?

Abu KhadeejahSP: No, Never!

Shaykh Waseullah:Not in the affairs of men or in the affairs of women?

Abu KhadeejahSP:No. Giving Fatwa. No. But Yaa Shaykh we quote Fataawa from the likes of Shaykh Ibn Baaz regarding the Rawaafi’d and dealing with the Rawaafi’d.

Shaykh Waseullah: But Fataawa? Do you give it?

Abu KhadeejahSP: Never Yaa Shaykh. This is Wallaahi Yaa Shaykh, Billaahi wa Aqsom Billaahi and I am ready to do Mubaahala with anyone. I do not give Fataawa in the affairs of marriage, divorce, khula and in anything. And we Yaa Shaykh ASLAN did NOT enter into the affair of this Abdur-Rahmaan and his wife. This is what is present Yaa Shaykh.

End of Transcript.

Below is the written fatwa of Abu Abdillah Abdul Wahid Ar-Ray’ where he gives his Fatwa and dissolves the marriage of the brother Abdur-Rahmaan and proves without any doubt that Abu KhadeejahSP is indeed a liar.

Important Notes:
1. The above Khula Certificate was issued on 12 September 2002 and was witnessed by *** and SIGNED by Abu KhadeejahSP. They obtained the permission of the brother Abdur-Rahmaan after they lied to him and claimed Shaykh Abu Anas had given the Khula.

2. The brother Abdur-Rahmaan exposed their lies and this is the real reason why they stopped dealing with divorce and khula applications and not the cover ups and lies Abu khadeejahSP wrote on the subject a few years ago.

3. Abu KhadeejahSP blatantly LYING to Shaykh Waseullah. Claiming he did not ASLAN enter into the affair of Abdur-Rahmaan and his wife.

4. He then swears by Allah (3 times) and denies giving Fatwa. He is prepared to Swear By Allah upon LIES.

5. He signs the Certificate: Abu Abdillah Abdul Wahid Ar-Ray’. This was the period when he used to refer to himself as Ar-Ray’ believing that he was a descendant of the salaf from Khurasaan. He later dropped this when he was exposed for being from Ar-Rain and not Ar-Ray’. Ar-Rain is a cast in Mirpur, Pakistan that grows vegetables on farm land.

6. The witness of brother Abdur-Rahmaan which he wrote in November 2007 will also help:


Assalamau alykum Wa rahmatullah . As regards to the issue of khulla and the way abu khadeejah dealt with it. I see and know it to be wrong and a lie by abu khadeejah. Reason being is that abu khadeejah said to me clearly in his own words that:  “Shaykh Abu Anas(from Kuwait)gave the khulla and ordered the khulla”

I had accepted the fact that Shaykh Abu Anas gave the fatwa, based upon what abu khadeejah told me that Shaykh Abu Anas said to give the khulla. So his words were “so are you ganna give the khulla or not” Being under pressure and stressed and manipulated, I gave my wife the khulla.

After some time, news got out to some brothers that I was no longer with my wife and children. There were many brothers that knew, specifically there were brothers from Alum Rock, who advised me to call Shaykh Abu Anas and ask him the truth of the matter because he abu khadeejah lies. Due to this I called Shaykh Abu Anas and asked him with regards to my family situation and the khulla. I asked him if he gave any kind of suggestion, order, hint, anything implying to give the khulla?

Shaykh Abu Anas TOTALLY denied it, I asked the Shaykh ” Have you seen the khulla form that my wife filled in, has it been sent to you? he replied “NO.” abu khadeejah prior to this told me that it was translated and sent to the shaykh. The above phone call to the shaykh was made on loud speaker in front of Abdul Haseeb,Waqar Ul-Haq, and Mushtaq Ahmed in his house (Mushtaq’s).

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