Playlist: Advice to spubs

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January 13, 2016 by salafidawahuk

Advice to Spubs and Abu Khadija from a large number of Salafi scholars students of knowledge

Note: This playlist is a compilation of 56 videos containing speech and analysis of many scholars who have been attacked and falsely warned against.

Unfortunately SPUBS have made us busy with constant refutations and replies between Salafees. This playlist includes statements from the Mashaykh who have either spoken directly or indirectly about the kind of fitan we have in the west.

Salafi Scholars such as Sheikh Saleh Suhaymee, Sheikh Waseeullah Abbas, Sheik Falaah Ismaeel, Sheikh Saleh Fawzan, Sheikh Mohamed Maaliki Sheikh Faisal Jaasim and other than them.

Salafi Du’aat: Abu Usama at Thahabi, Abdurahman Hassan, Mufti Mohamed Muneer, Tahir Wyatt, Abu Taymiyyah, Abu Aaliya and others.


We ask Allaah to rectify them and take them away from their Ghuluww.We ask  Allaah to increase them in their goodness, and protect us from their evil.

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